How to Play RRRoll Up Roulette[TM]

Get in tune with RRRoll Up Roulette with 4 easy steps!

Once you have registered you are now ready to play! Play RRRoll Up Roulette once per day. One play consists of a regular spin for points, badges, and prizes, and Anniversary Bonus Spin for a second chance to win prizes!

Play online for the chance to win great prizes**:

  • 2 2014 Toyota Corolla Sport
  • 28 Napoleon® Prestige® P500 Gourmet Grills
  • 28 daily prizes of Free Coffee for a Year
  • 560 $25 Tim Cards®

Play Once Per Day

On your personal game profile, click on the Play Now button to access the RRRoll Up Roulette wheel. To spin the wheel, click on SPIN NOW and watch for the wheel to stop. Then see what you have earned. Don’t forget to use your 50th Anniversary Bonus Spin daily for more chances to win! Your page will display the next available spin each time you return to play the game.

Check your badges to view your collection. There are 15 in total, so collect them all!

View the number of points you have earned after each play to achieve the VIP Extra Day of Play.

Spin the Wheel to play

Play once per day at different times of the day and collect badges. Each badge relates to the number of points you can earn.

You can also share the fact that you have earned badges with your family and friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Earn 1,000 points to unlock VIP Extra Day of Play. Keep playing to see if you can reach 2,000 points! If you do, you will unlock a second chance to spin on VIP Extra Day of Play.

Once you have earned enough points, you will be invited back to play one more time after the contest ends on March 16, 2014.

On March 19th, play on this exclusive VIP Extra Day of Play for a chance to win**:

  • 1 2014 Toyota Corolla Sport
  • 140 $25 Tim Cards®

**Number of prizes available to be won at the beginning of the regular contest period will decrease as they are awarded.

You may play one Regular Spin and one Bonus Spin each Day (12:00:00am ET to 11:59:59pm ET). Regular Spins and Bonus Spins do not carry over to the next Day. See Contest Rules for details.

Free coffee for a year prize is awarded by way of six $100 Tim Cards.